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Testimonial from Penny Fiksel

Jan 2, 2013   //   by Joseph   //   Testimonials  //  Comments Off on Testimonial from Penny Fiksel

One of the best parties that I have made happened this Hanukkah.  Over 25 people came to eat dinner, light candles and celebrate the holiday.  My guests were patiently waiting for the latkes that Phyllis made for us.  They were extraordinary.  No matter what else I served, and there was lots of other food to eat, the latkes were the most coveted and most enjoyed part of the party.  They were light, crispy and fresh.  I followed the heating instructions and they came out hot and delicious from my oven.  Usually latkes are very tricky to make in advance and nearly impossible to serve hot and crispy.  But Phyllis’s latkes were nothing short of perfection. Thank you Phyllis for making my party a success.

Penny Fiksel