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Ordering Information

This page will offer details on specific dish information relating to the following categories:


Some dishes are priced by piece, serving, or for a whole meal.  See serving size for more information.

Serving Size

Serving sizes very from menu to menu and dish to dish.  If no serving information is provided the dish comes with a single serving.  Smaller items are listed per piece, and others according to the number of people a regular order will serve.


Pescatarian options contain no meat, but may contain dairy, eggs, or fish.

Vegetarian options contain no meat, but may contain dairy or eggs.

Vegan options contain no meat products, including eggs and dairy.

Please note that all items are prepared in a kitchen that does contain meat products, although vegetarian/vegan dishes will not be cooked or served with meat or meat products.

Gluten Free

Gluten-free options contain no wheat products or any products that contain gluten.  If a dish contains small amounts of wheat or gluten and may otherwise be suitable for people with gluten intolerance it will be indicated here.